Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy nominations for Lost

Of course Lost received a whole bunch of Emmy nominations for writing, acting and for being the best show on television.

The writers this season will win an Emmy for the Incident, no doubt in my mind. Also the great Michael Emmerson will win an Emmy for playing the greatest villain in modern television history, Benjamin Linus. Now for the best Drama category is tough because of Mad Men. I like Mad Men, it is cool and realistic but I still give the nudge to Lost. It is between Mad Men and Lost for the best Drama Emmy. Here are the nominations for the 2009 Emmy Awards. Let's go LOST!!!

The Nominees Are...

Outstanding Drama Series

Big Love

Breaking Bad





Mad Men

Writing for a Drama Series

"The Incident" - Lost

"A Night to Remember" - Mad Men

"Six Month Leave" - Mad Men

"The Jet Set" - Mad Men

"Meditations in an Emergency" - Mad Men

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

William Shatner - Boston Legal

Christian Clemenson - Boston Legal

Aaron Paul - Breaking Bad

William Hurt - Damages

Michael Emerson - Lost

John Slattery - Mad Men

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