Sunday, June 14, 2009

Minnesota sucks

So yeah I have been told the cheeseburger eating, porn obsess, virgin, douchebag from up North is talking shit again. Oh boy. What can you do? I know!!! Show proof that Minnesota sucks! Yeah!!!!

Oh wait there is more!!!!!

That was good but there is even more!!!

Wow! I guess Hembitch just got pwned!!!


1 comment:

Roberto said...

Why is Hembitch talking shit? Why bother talking shit? Hembitch your life sucks. You marry a gorilla, you have to support her eating habits. You live in Minnesota. You are a douche. Dude, a word of advise, leave them. Don't look back and leave. I don't feel sorry for you because only douche like you would marry a gorilla. Peace out. H-Town.