Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's death brings music videos back to MTV

Maybe I am too old or too young but I don't remember MTV showing music videos!! It just brings back so many cool memories when I was a kid when I turn to MTV to see and listen to the new songs from bands and singers. Well at least Michael Jackson's death has brought back music videos back to MTV and maybe MTV realizes that it's okay to show music videos during the day and night. People like music videos. People just like music. Music is dying. You are called Music television start acting like it. I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson because of the stuff with the kids but he did have some cool music videos. Here are my top three music videos.

I like the Eddie Van Halen guitar riff and gangs start to dancing for no reason.

I am not sure if I like this song because of the Alien Ant Farm cover or remembering when I was 4 or 5 and watching this video and thinking this guy has a cool hat.

I like the beat and the way the side walks light up. Those are my three favorite MJ videos.

I sort of feel sorry for him because after the Bad album, he became a recluse and insignificant in the music world. That dangerous album was lame and soon got knocked off the charts by Nirvana's Nevermind. Michael Jackson was never the same musically. Then all the pedophilia stuff occurred. I think he was in denial and hated himself so much. Again I can't believe, I am typing a blog about Michael Jackson. This world has gone to hell or I am in denial. It has taken me a day to comment on his death because I wanted to taken in everything he did and to hear the thoughts of other people. I was going to do a harsh post about what a freak he was but then I started watching all of his old videos and realize, damn! Those were cool videos. I guess I am like every one else, I am a pop culture junkie, whore and hypocrite. I still think the news media should be ashamed of themselves but I am glad MTV is showing music videos once again. And I guess that is all that matters at this time.


Robbie said...

I can't believe it. MUSIC VIDEOS!!!! ON MTV!!!! Wasn't Jacko a WCWF wrestler or manager? I remember him feuding or tag teaming with Dustin. Right? I don't remember. Fuck. I am drunk as a skunk motherfucker!! GO BIG OR GO HOME.

Dusty said...

Yes he was. He was my tag team partner until the fat gremlin put a stop to it. I can't believe MJ used drugs like Anna Nicole Smith. My favorite song has to be You are not Alone. So sad.