Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Artie Lange

Artie Lange rules and Joe Buck sucks that is what came out of Joe Buck Live last night. Joe Buck is the worse announcer on television, he has ruined playoff baseball and he has ruined NFL football and now he is trying to ruin HBO but thank god for Artie Lange. Lange put Buck in his place by making fun of the piece of shit announcer. Yeah Buck you do suck cock and you are not funny. You should be thanking Artie Lange for saving your piece of shit show. And I would like to thank Artie Lange for great 9 minutes of television last night. Thank god for Artie!!!

Oh Artie was not done there. Look at Buck's face. Fucking douchebag.

UPDATE: That loser Joe Buck has pulled the videos of Artie Lange pwning him on his own show from Youtube. What a cocksucker?! But have no fear!! Here is another video of the massacre.

Oh shit it gets better!!!! ARTIE!!! ARTIE!!!!

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