Friday, May 29, 2009

Geraldo Rivera

A couple of years ago The Hoff came back to the spotlight with internet videos of his late night cravings of hamburgers, the great film Click with Adam Sandler, Christopher Walken, Jonah Hill, and Kate Beckinsale, his television work in American Idol, America's Got Talent, his sports work with the National Basketball Association team, Dallas Mavericks and their superstar Dirk Niwitski during the National Basketball Association playoffs and his role in the 2006 World Cup of Football/Soccer in Germany, also his famous music videos which include Jump into my Car, Hooked on a Feeling, Secret Agent Man and his remake of I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR FREEDOM and by doing all of this good work. The Hoff won VH1 comeback of the year award. Well deserve award because the Hoff brought down the Berlin wall and should have won a Noble Peace prize but I digress.

This year is a different story, I believe Geraldo Rivera is on pace to win the 2009 VH1 comeback of the year award. Geraldo has made an Emmy award performance In My Name is Earl in which he plays Geraldo Rivera, an investigated reporter. Also his investigated reporting for Fox News on the weekends and his blunt commentary on television and on radio have been superb also his upcoming work the silver screen should solidify his nomination and possible win of VH1 comeback of the year award. I declare 2009 the year of Geraldo Rivera!!!!!!!!

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