Friday, April 3, 2009

Jacko is selling his stuff

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Who in the blue hell would want to buy any of Jacko's creepy stuff? Okay wrong question. Who in the blue hell besides Hembitch would buy anything previous owned by Michael Jackson?

Would you really want to buy this? No one except scumbags like Hembitch.

Look at this limo. Are you serious? How in the hell is this freak not in jail? Hembitch is sure must be having a wet dream just dreaming about owning any of this crap.

Who knows where that glove has been or who has been in? Disgusting. Here is the rest of the article about that freak, Jacko.

It's finders keepers, for now.

A Los Angeles judge has denied Michael Jackson's bid to have nearly 2,000 pieces of clothing, furniture and other memorabilia returned to him, thereby setting the stage for a massive auction to go ahead as planned later this month.

The auction is scheduled to take place online and at the Beverly Hilton hotel April 22-25.

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Dusty said...

That man is disgusting. I can't believe what he did to those kids. Only a real fucked up person will look up to and defend Michael Jackson. And that person is Hembitch.