Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost the Soundtrack

I have been watching Lost since the beginning. On September 22 of 2004, Oceanic flight 815 crashed on a mysterious island and ever since that faithful day. I have been obsess with Lost. I mean obsess with this show so obsess that I have been listening to soundtracks for weeks. It is very disturbing but I can't help it. Michael Giacchino is the composer of Lost and this guy is a genius. The score of Lost is like nothing I have heard on television. Each character has their own classical theme which gives the characters a unique human feel to them.

My favorite by far has to be Desmond's. It is so stoic and simple but tells the story of Desmond's life on and off the island. Locke's is a close second. Now the greatest score music on Lost has to be parting words which was use for the launching of the raft, season one, episode Exodus Part 1.

I wish Lost was on HBO. More violence, more nudity, more sex and more foul language. It is still the best show on television. Nothing compares to it. Nothing.

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