Thursday, January 1, 2009

WWE vs. The Wrestler Part II

This is a quote from the WWE regarding the movie,"The Wrestler."
"While 'The Wrestler' is a very engaging movie, it portrays how wrestling was conducted in some independent wrestling circuits, unlike WWE, which is a global brand with millions of fans."

God the WWE is acting like a bunch of douchebags or worse, a Hembitch. Mr. McMahon quit being a hembitch. The WWE should appreciate this film which gives pro wrestling a good mainstream buzz that doesn't involve wrestlers dying or committing double murder and suicide. The wrestling business is dying and is being taken over my mix martial arts giant, UFC. You want to bring back that audience from the 90's then start embracing the indy circuit. Fire the no talent ass clowns on your roster. Get new talent. And quit being douchebags and hembitches.

This beautiful world does not need another Hembitch.

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Dusty said...

OMG! Vince McMahon acting like a hembitch! Why or why? I do not understand why Vince McMahon is hating on the Wrestler? I have not seen the movie yet but I can't wait.