Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am drunk

Yes I am drunk right now. I know it is really early for me to be drunk but I have the night off and I wanted to start early. I am really nervous about graduation because I have known school for most of my life and when it's over I am not quite sure what to do. I love my job right now but when school is done with I will have a degree. I don't know what to do right now and is pissing me off. I could get a corporate job but the money I would make in corporation is not going to be much more than I make right now because being a bartender in Las Vegas is a gold mine. You are always making money especially on fight night. Thank you Oscar and Manny! I made four times more than I usually make because of you two.

I can pay three months worth of my mortage. But the reason I am typing this blog because I am not sure if I want to be a grown up. Some of my friends are married and have kids now which I am happy for them but sometimes I feel that they should have waited until they were older. Your 20's are suppose to be a fun decade where you fuck around and have a good time. But then this morning I watching G4TV and they were showing one of the greatest television programs of all time.

I am Desmond. I need to join the military and become a good man or I need sail around the world and shipwreck into a mysterious island where I have to push a button every 108 minute in order to save every person in the world. I came close to going to Iraq but I didn't have the balls. I am rethinking my decision but maybe this time I will be an officer and help save the world by pushing some kind of button on a computer. To my love I am sorry for being me. I know we belong together but right now I need to save the world but I will be back to marry you. I love you and I am sorry if my decision pains you.

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