Monday, November 17, 2008

Which is better?

Is this version better?

Or is the original better?

I have to say Rihanna and T.I. because the original always reminds me of this Hembitch wannabe.

Damnit that guy looks just like Hembitch. Hey Hembitch, how about your ViQueens?!!


viperdk said...

Again you prove just how stupid you are. Your first video doesn't even work. LMAO nice job dick head.

And to answer your question, my Vikings are tied for 1st place in the NFC North, while your shitty Saints are in dead last.

Again you prove just how stupid you really are.

BillyBobisDrunk said...

Quit stalking me Hembitch!! Try to get laid or something. Get a life loser!!

By the way the ViQueens suck harder than you, oh wait that is impossible. Cause you will be a Hembitch 4 Life!!

Dusty said...

Oh my god Hembitch is crying because his favorite football team sucks. How stupid are you? Your parents were right.