Friday, November 7, 2008


I received this video from Dustin and I have to agree with him. The United States is going to become the dumbest country in the world if we keep letting dumb, fat, stupid, retarded, uneducated assholes continue to marry and breed. I know California pass the ban on gay marriage but I think there should be ban on low class dumb asses marrying and breeding. I believe every citizen should take an IQ test and the test will determine if you should be allow to marry or breed. What do you guys think? What should be the cutoff number on the IQ test? Give me some feedback.

Because America can't afford anymore Hembitches in the world. SAY NO TO HEMBITCH!


viperdk said...

You do realize if you get your wish, your Mom and Dad wouldn't be allowed to breed. They already fucked up with you, God knows we don't need more imbred fucks like you.

Dusty said...

Is kind of sad that a virgin can think he could have a kid without having sex. Hembitch is a loser.