Saturday, November 1, 2008

Daylight savings

Why in the hell do we have Daylight savings anymore? Why? Here in Las Vegas we don't need it. We do not save any energy. There are no farmers in Nevada well except those illegal farmers. I think the United States government needs to eliminate Daylight savings time. Get rid of it now. I am done with subject. I know what you are wondering is a Saturday night what the hell I am doing writing a blog on Saturday night. Well I have been suspended for a week from job because I got into a fight with customer who was being a hembitch. "A Hembitch is a guy who is a douchebag who can never get laid who acts like an asshole to everybody." AKA HEMBICH

This guy was being rude to everybody and grabbing girls asses so I asked him to leave and he took a swing at me. I know I should have waited for security but I couldn't resist. I knocked him out with one uppercut to the chin. I didn't follow protocol and now I am bored on a Saturday night.


Dusty said...

Hembitch is fat.

viperdk said...

The only bitch around here is you. Violence doesn't ammount to anything. You got what you deserved.

Ooh by the way, how does it feel knowing all your Republican buddies got their asses kicked Tuesday? Looks like America is tired of Bush, McCain and all their bullshit and lies.

Time to see what a REAL politician can do in office.

Quit being such a bitch...and quit stealing other people's property. Get off the internet, stop being such a bitch for once, and get a damn life.

viperdk said...

Hey dusty...quit talking about your momma like that. Don't you have any respect for your elders?

Dusty said...

Oh my god Hembitch is alive. I wish Minnesota would pass a proposition banning stupid people from getting married and breeding. Watch the movie Idiocracy. This world can not afford anymore Hembitches!!!!