Saturday, August 2, 2008

George W. Bush is BATMAN!!

I know. I know. My blog posts have been fewer than anyone wishes for but my studies have taken more of precident than my blog. For this I apologize and now to the matter at hand. Is George W. Bush. Batman? The answer is you damn right he is!!!!!!

In the Dark Knight, Batman has to deal with a terrorist who has no rules, who kills people without reason or morals. This terrorist is the Joker who as Alfred the Butler eloquently says " some men just want to watch the world burn."

These men are living in mountains in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, England and some are living in states like Minnesota. These men must be stop by any means necessary.

Batman realizes he is at a disadvantage going against the Joker because the Joker does not follow any rules so Batman has to break the rules in order to deal with this terrorist. And that is what President George W. Bush has done to make the United States safe from these wicked men. Batman uses devices to spy on people in order to find the Joker. He loses friends, co-workers and love ones in order to stop the Joker. This is what our President has done to make us safe. He has made a lot of non popular decisions. Invade Afghanistan, invade Iraq, invade Iran, invade North Korea, wiretap American citizens, arrest men from Minnesota, hold enemy combatants in Cuba. This is an unsafe world and this President understands it and is willing to be dislike, damn right hated to protect this country. In the end people need someone to blame for wicked actions of these terrorist. They need a Dark Knight and the American people's Dark Knight is President George W. Bush! The greatest fucking war hero in the World!!



Dusty said...

Somebody has to do the dirty work. I just wish they go to Minnesota and arrest those terrorists.

Dusty said...

Hembitch is douchebag. He is crying because a black man died. Honky please. Shut the hell up. You cheeseburger eating fat white boy should keep your mouth close.