Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Las Vegas

It has been less than four years when I decided to move from New Orleans to Las Vegas and it has been the best decision I have ever made. In December of 2004 I was struggling to make enough money to pay for school and pay the bills. I had to do something quick. I always wanted to go to college but just did not have the funds to accomplish this goal of mine. I talked to my boss who owns one of the best bars in town, the Velvet Dog. He told me that if I wanted to make more money in my line of work, I had to move out west. Either Los Angeles or Las Vegas. He told me he had some connection in Las Vegas and he would help me out since I have been a good friend and employee to him.

I miss New Orleans. I will always be a cajun at heart.

My boss tells me there is a bartender opening at the Palms Casino & Resort. He told to go. Move to Las Vegas and never come back here. So he fired me that night and gave me cash of what I was owed. I never looked back. Now I am about a semester away from graduating and I have saved a lot of money that next year I might open my own business. And every time I show up to work and walk pass the pool to check out the talent. I realize everyday how lucky I am not to live a shitty state like Minnesota.


I am very lucky. I love Las Vegas.

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