Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Hoff frees Germany

The Hoff gave hope to all Germans that their country would reunite and they all would find freedom with his song "Looking for Freedom." The Hoff decided the only way the wall would fall if he perform on top of the wall and destroyed it himself.

The Hoff gave an impromptu concert during the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This is a recount of the event from Wikipedia.
On December 25, 1989, Leonard Bernstein gave a concert in Berlin celebrating the end of the Wall, including Beethoven's 9th symphony (Ode to Joy) with the word "Joy" (Freude) changed to "Freedom" (Freiheit) in the text sung. The orchestra and chorus were drawn from both East and West Germany, as well as the United Kingdom, France, the Soviet Union, and the United States.

Roger Waters performed the Pink Floyd album The Wall in Potsdamer Platz on 21 July 1990, with guests including Scorpions, Bryan Adams, Sinéad O'Connor, Thomas Dolby, Joni Mitchell, Marianne Faithfull and Van Morrison. David Hasselhoff performed his song "Looking for Freedom", which was very popular in Germany at that time, standing on the Berlin wall.

The Hoff performance of Looking for Freedom brought freedom to Germany and ended the Iron Curtain's reign of terror to eastern Europe.

The Hoff stop communism!!!! Thank you Hoff!!

Now if only the Hoff could destroy Minnesota. Or the Hoff could give Minnesota to Canada and the United States pick up Ontario. If anybody can do it is the Hoff!!

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