Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

When my shift ended at 1:30 a.m. I ran through the lobby and into the elevator. I waited impatiently for about a minute and ran out like a bullet straight to the parking garage. I got into my car and drove out like Rampage Jackson but no cops were in sight. Rampage had nothing on me on this night. I was passing so many cars and finally I reached my destination. I parked my car in the first parking spot I saw and got out of my car and ran like a madman. I saw my friends waiting outside the place. They ask me "what took so long?", I replied "traffic." They hand me my ticket and we enter the movie theater and once we enter it is a madhouse. I see douchebags wearing costumes and people with green hair. I see five year olds out at 2 in the morning waiting in line to see a movie in which some reviews have called to dark and violent for children. I see these two white guys with glasses are the first two in line for the 2 a.m. showing of the Dark Knight. One of them is a skinny dude with a big nose, thick glasses and wearing a Batman and Robin t-shirt. Another guy is a chubby read headed nerd with glasses with a Michael Jackson t-shirt. I thought to myself, "Oh no. They have found me." But then I realize it wasn't the bitch twins. My friend Catalina tells me that the teaser poster for the Dark Knight creeps her out and she can't believe they are marketing a dead guy. I told her this movie was going to be huge in the first place but she did have a point. This movie is probably going to have the biggest opening weekend ever because of Heath Ledger's death.

Especially when people have been speculating that his portrayal of the Joker caused his insomaia and his tragic death. Which is total bullshit. But people on the internet and in the other media like to speculate and report rumors as news. Finally after waiting in line for about 45 minutes we enter the theater and I am lucky enough to be sitting next some douchebag with a Batman costume. Great times. The theater goes dark and the movie begins.

I will have a review later tonight.

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